Certification procedure:

After successfully completing the exam, code will be sent to your e-mail to complete the application for the credentials.  You are apply for the credentials by filling it online at www.pecb.org

After evaluating your application, by taking into account established criteria, PECB assign you the appropriate credential and send a certificate to your e-mail

Benefits of personnel certification for an employer:

  • The employer upgrades confidence in the competence of its specialists
  • Business risks are significantly reduced due to more efficient work of qualified personnel
  • Professionalism of certified specialists significantly contributes to the improvement of the company's processes in general

Benefits of personnel certification for a specialist:

  • Certification after successful passing the exam is an indicator of the specialist's competence, i.e. its compliance with certain requirements in the field of specialization
  • Certification significantly enhances demand of the specialists and their cost in the labor market. In terms of economic instability and increasing competition in the labor market, certification gives you an advantage in searching job and hiring. You will receive an international certificate that will allow you to find work not only in our country
  • Knowledge gained in preparation for the exam and getting credential, contributes to growth of your recognition among colleagues and partners